Wedding in Winter

Getting married in winter is a good idea; don’t be afraid of the cold!

Previously we talked about the charm of weddings in autumn, let’s see how is to get married in the new season.

The benefits of a winter wedding

Weddings at this time are beautiful, cozy and above all, they have many advantages:

You will not have the availability problems that you would find when you got married in high season. Although more and more couples choose this option, today it’s more likely that the venue, the church, the photographer that you like so much or that catering that you loved, have the date available.

It will also be easier for all your guests to attend. In summer, several weddings often coincide on the same date, because the season is very short.

Getting married during this season also affects prices. With less demand during the winter months, we can find interesting discounts on the rental of venue or other suppliers.

The singularities of this time

We continue with the details that make a difference in winter weddings and make them so elegant:

The long-sleeved wedding dress for us is a beautiful and very elegant option. In addition, there is a wide range of very flattering winter accessories, such as coats, turtlenecks, gloves, feather details, turbans, scarves, velvet… Firms have a growing winter offer.

The banquet should be held in a closed space, obviously, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have wonderful views and also, we can always have the surprise of a sunny day that gives us an outside meal. On the other hand, there are more and more emblematic spaces that can be rented for private events and in winter they are a wonderful option.

The season allows to thematize with the current festivities such as Christmas and guests can be offered as a present a blanket or a shawl.The menu also changes with the season: It’s better hot dishes and even some more powerful stew, depending on the time and preferences of the bride and groom. It’s an ideal time to offer a chocolate with churros at the end of the night.

For decoration, seasonal flowers can be combined with pineapples, cotton flowers, Christmas poinsettia, mistletoe, pine or moss leaves. We imagine tables full of candles, with wooden touches, red touches… And as decorative elements you can put sledges or ice skating skates. A very funny idea is to form a ski tunnel at the church exit for the couple, if these are skiers.

In conclusion, we fully understand that every time you feel like celebrating your big day on these dates.


Say yes to Winter Weddings!


Gemma Gonzalez Events Team


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Then we leave a shower of inspiration for your wedding in this beautiful time:

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Tell us in the comments, what do you think about winter weddings?

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