I became a specialist in Protocol and Event Management more than ten years ago, complementing my training with a postgraduate course at the Madrid School of Diplomacy. I am also a teacher at EIP (International School of Protocol).

As a member of the Catalan Association for Protocol and Institutional Relations, ACPRI, I was a member of the executive board for more than five years.

I am a graduate of the renowned Hofmann School and an expert in gastronomy.

As a protocol advisor, I give training sessions on aspects related to public relations, personal attitude and techniques to improve internal communication at different types of companies and organisations.

I have written ceremony manuals for several institutions and worked on film sets on aspects related to urbanity and protocol.

As an event organiser, I have specialised in boutique events, both corporate and private, including team building, anniversaries, company board meetings, private celebrations and weddings. I am a founding member of Quiche Events and a partner in Solsona Comunicación.


Quiero hacer tangible aquello que imaginas. Poner al servicio de mis clientes el asesoramiento y acompañamiento oportuno para que las celebraciones privadas o de empresa transmitan el carácter de aquel que las idea, potenciando los aspectos relevantes del evento: imagen corporativa, emotividad, orgullo de pertinencia, exclusividad…

I adapt my know-how to the demands of the project, guiding my team of professionals in the fulfilment of any wish, and I select the best people to pay particular attention to optimising resources and analysing the final results.


My commitment is to satisfy my clients having contributed to what they were looking for without changing their ideas or expectations.

I adapt myself and efficiently manage the resources in order to give the client – at any moment – what they are looking for and, in this way, offer a unique experience from start to finish.