I am delighted to be able to tag your feelings with my work..


I am very fortunate. My passion is taking on the challenge of designing a project from scratch and making it unique, knowing how important this shared moment is. My fulfillment lies in your dreams coming true and the reflection of your charisma in these dreams.
For this reason, I take great pleasure in adding my own little grain of sand to help make your project exactly the way you imagined it to be.
My aim is to make this wonderful moment special for you and your families, friends and professional circle, personalizing every detail as if it was my own and offering you my knowledge, experience and expertise in event protocol and organization as well as my passion for gastronomy.

Welcome to my world!

About me

Protocol, events and wedding planner in Barcelona

I became a specialist in Protocol and Event Management ten years ago, complementing my training with a postgraduate course at the Madrid School of Diplomacy.

As a member of the Catalan Association for Protocol and Institutional Relations, ACPRI, I was part of the executive board from January 2010 to April 2017.

I have worked as a Social Protocol teacher at Andrea Vilallonga’s Atelier School and at EIP.

I am a graduate of the renowned Hofmann School and an expert in gastronomy.

As a protocol advisor, I have collaborated with different types of companies and organisations, written ceremony manuals for several institutions, worked on film sets, and given advice to image companies on aspects related to public relations and personal attitude.

As an event organiser, I specialise in boutique events, both corporate and private, including team building, anniversaries, company board meetings, private celebrations and weddings. I am a founding member of Quiche Events and a partner in Solsona Comunicación.


Full service event planning


I offer my professional experience to any family event. Surely the event that requires the highest level of organisation is the celebration of marriage. It is for that reason that I have decided to specialise as a wedding planner and destination wedding, offering my knowledge and experience to prepare and celebrate this dream-come-true.


I arrange all types of activities related to the general development of an organisation. I specialise in Team Building and I also design projects that require special commitment due to their exclusive character (company anniversaries or anniversaries of outstanding company members, extraordinary board meetings and alternative arrangements for guests not attending the meeting, etc.)

“Tal y como lo había imaginado”

Boda Sara & Ricard

Showcooking “I am tomorrow”


“A perfect day, unforgetable”

Allen’s Wedding Party

«Dear Gemma, I would like to thank you again for the great organization of our management meeting in Barcelona. It was a pleasure working together with you. I look forward to working with you in the coming years. We plan to come to Barcelona again in September 2020.»

Corporate event

“Muchísimas gracias por hacer que, en un día tan especial para Alex y para mí, saliese todo perfecto”

Boda Anna & Alex

“Fue un tremendo alivio saber que contábamos contigo eso hizo el evento stress free!!! ”

Boda Graciela & Miguel

Philosophy and commitment:


I strive to turn your dreams into a reality and put my expert knowledge at my clients’ disposal so that private or corporate events can convey the personality of those who conceived the event, highlighting its relevant aspects such as corporate image, emotiveness, pride in belonging and exclusivity.
I adapt the know-how to the demands of the project. I guide my team of professionals in the fulfillment of any wish and I select the best people to pay particular attention to
• the pre-event stage: to define objectives and optimise resources
• the post-event stage: to analyse the results of the actions performed
My commitment is to satisfy my clients having contributed to what they were looking for without changing their ideas or expectations. I adapt myself and efficiently manage the resources in order to give the client – at any moment – what he is looking for and in this way offer a unique experience from start to finish.




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