The Magic of Marry in Autumn

I don’t know if the same thing happens to you as it does to me: Suddenly, we hear in the news that “autumn begins today” and it is difficult for me to identify with the season. The weather is still very hot, we are dressed with summer clothes and we spend time outdoors until late.

But suddenly, there comes a day when you feel it: You note that it’s over. You want to cover yourself with something and your mental color palette has changed. Autumn colors like ocher, garnet and tweed ones enter the scene.

This happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I felt that my beloved summer was definitely over and I changed the chip. I started thinking in the autumn tone and that inspired me to design the decoration of an early event.

The first thing that came to my mind is that it’s a gift to be able to get Marry in Autumn, for several reasons:

For a wedding in autumn, you should definitely think of closed venues. Although we still enjoy the good weather, the outdoor tent is no longer an option, but we can still enjoy a good cocktail outdoors. Therefore, our goal when decorating will be to fully integrate the exterior with the interior.

That movie image, of being walking through a forest, stepping on the dried leaves and contemplating the wonder of the fall, with the colorful trees, inspires us when choosing the ranges to create the floral arrangements, the tablecloths, the bouquet bride and why not, the bridesmaids dress.


Finally, we cannot forget the importance of candles because, although they are all year round and are an essential element for decoration, the living flame in autumn evokes that chimney that we already want to light.

Gemma Gonzalez Events

Bouquet bride
Wedding table with candles
Autumn wedding cake
Autumn decoration

Table deco with flowers and candles

Outdoors decoration

*All the pictures are inspo*

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