10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

As you know, the world of Wedding Entertainment  is booming and because of this, original and very funny proposals have appeared for that day. There are more and more couples who want to add a touch that identifies them, personalizes their wedding and leaves guests with an unforgettable memory.

These ideas go beyond photo booths and DJ’s. Now there are much more original alternatives that can be adapted to your wedding without any problem, with a good organization, because there are great professionals that will help us liven up that unforgettable day, like the wedding planner.

List of 10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas for your day:

  1. Fireworks: They will bring light and color, if it’s an evening wedding. It will be the perfect setting for the photos and everyone present will be amazed.
    Fireworks spectacle
  2. Ballet: Imagine a group of dancers with tutu and bow dancing in the garden, it will create a dreamlike atmosphere.
    Ballet dance in the garden
  3. Magic: A magician will surprise your guests generating moments of laughter and making your wedding even more magical.
    Live wizard / magician
  4. Acrobatics: If you want a spectacular touch, you can count on artistic performances adapting them to the aesthetics or theme of the wedding.
    Acrobatics couple
  5. Fire show: Specialized professionals will do acrobatics with fire creating great sensations and impressing everyone present.
    Fire show
  6. Equestrian show: A very elegant alternative is an exhibition of horses, which will perform movements to the sound of music. You can also make the entrance to the party riding a horse, if you like horse riding.
    Wedding entry with horse
  7. Escape Room: It is a very novel proposal. There are already several offers of this personalized game, which will make you have fun using the ingenuity all together. An unforgettable experience!
    Game in real life
  8. Live music: There is nothing like having a music group playing the songs you like most to liven up the party, it is a must for fun. In addition to the classic choir for the ceremony, which is always very emotional, we like to include instruments playing in the cocktail, sometimes accompanied by a good vocalist, who help us create a very pleasant atmosphere of intimacy.
    Band of musicians singing
  9. Children Zone: It’s always a good idea to have an area enabled to have children distracted with games, Indian tipis or costumes, and having someone playing with them.
    Entertainment for the little ones
  10. Couple dance: To surprise your guests in a very personal way, you can do choreography learned in some school. You will enjoy it more than anyone!
    Choreography of the happy pair

Do not hesitate to create the wedding that best suit your personality and that will make you have more fun and enjoy more THE DAY!

Do you have new ideas? We would love you to share it with us on the comments!


Gemma Gonzalez Events team

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*All pictures are from Pinterest*


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