How do I Organize a Slow Wedding?

Eco-friendly wedding, Zero waste wedding, Green wedding, Slow wedding… The events world could not ignore a trend that has become a way of life, and luckily it has come to stay.

Slow wedding

Talking about slow wedding means giving you time during the months of preparation, from the “she said yes” to the altar: Stop running a marathon to start enjoying the walk. Take it easy, put yourself in good hands, let yourself be advised, do not feel pressured by fashion or force as far as we cannot assume. It means taking your time to choose the flowers, to choose that dish that you like so much, to dream about the music that will sound… Enjoy every moment.

Slow wedding ceremony

The idea is to plan your big day with decisions that produce less impact on the environment. How can we do it? Here are some clues on how to get an eco-friendly wedding:

1) The catering choice is important: It is already possible to hire some 100% organic catering. They have ecological product proposals or Km 0 and proximity and they also use biodegradable materials.

Organic Catering

If you are thinking of hiring such a service, it is interesting that it is a local supplier, very close to the place of the event, in order to reduce transport CO2 emissions.

Another good solution is to use drinks dispensers and glass cups, instead of bottles or plastics, and also to arrange with some nearby association the collection of surplus food aiming not be the only ones who are going to eat well that day.

Wedding drink suppliers

2) Lighting with LED bulbs or using biomass boiler to heat the space in winter is another good option.

3) Facilitating the transport of guests by coach will prevent the transit of many cars that are often not shared.

4) Why not to make the bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers? Or better yet, with flowers that we can let dry and enjoy for several months, also for the rest of flowers that we use to decorate.

Bridal bouquets

Decoration plants

5) And what if we replace the confetti with petals, olive leaves or lavender leaves?

Dried petals confetti

Lavander confetti

6) Finally, a recommendation that, in addition of being recyclable, has a fundamental emotional component: Give a second life to your mother wedding dress, your grandmother’s or someone you feel very close to. You can transform it, you will dress it as the best jewel.

Wedding bouquet and dress

You will soon discover other key points for choosing invitations, decoration, guest gifts … Stay tuned!

And above all, remember to enjoy every moment of your great day!

Ecological wedding

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Gemma Gonzalez Events Team

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  • Veronica James

    28 November, 2019 at 9:23 pm Reply

    I have my grandmother’s dress I want to fit to me, that’s gonna be amazing if it works!
    I’m trying to make it slow – slow planning, slow wedding… Will see how it goes. For know it’s more or less working for me. I’m using this great, rational book for planning: – wrote by a guy, so no crazy emotions, just showing point by point what to plan next. It keeps me calm as well.
    Thanks for all the tips and ideas, love the lavender confetti!

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