More clues for a Slow Wedding

In our previous post we talked about the possibility of organizing our wedding with sustainability criteria, we gave you practical advice when choosing the catering, the flowers, the wedding dress or the space.

Recycled materials for a wedding in the beach

Today we want to expand this information with more clues that can help you:

If we decide to print the wedding invitations, there are different companies that use recycled paper, cloth or seed paper, this is the most original and ecological option, all the paper used can be planted and sprouts of different varieties that you can choose will be born.

Seeds paper invitation (from Sheedo)

Using recycled decorative elements is something very current and we also love it. Vintage furniture and why not to ride a chill out with the pillows you have at home? With your favorite seats the guests will feel at home during the aperitif or the dance. Any piece can work for it, giving it the right treatment.

Vintage furniture and organic wedding cake

Garden slow decorationWe are very fans of “do it yourself”: We have months to craft decorative details or gifts for guests. We can keep the glass jars to put the tea candles or write “messages in a bottle” to thank everyone.

Botellas recicladas y velas

Table deco with candles and wood

You can decide to produce handmade soap, aromatized oils or jams, or save the glass cups of yogurt to make organic aromatic candles. You have all the material at your reach and it is not difficult.

Guests gift: Handmade Soap

Guests gift: Ecological honey

Guests gift: Plant in it’s pot

Something that we also love is to collect large stones on the beach to write down the names of each one on the tables, or use fallen pine cones in the forest, green or brown autumn leaves, pieces of wood… These are details that will triumph among the guests because they will appreciate the time spent and the love we have put into doing it.

Tree leaf seating

Wood seating

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We could go on and on… But we want you to follow it, let the imagination fly and tell us!


Gemma Gonzalez Events Team


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