Making the Gift List

Have you already started your gift list? Parents, grandparents, brothers, children, nephews, my friends, my partner, the mother of my partner… And we could go on for a long list.
Every year the list is longer, that’s good! It means that in life we ​​surround ourselves with people we care about. Now, let’s think honestly: Do they really need something that they can’t buy now? We assume that the answer, in most cases, will be no.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift
Gift for man

Take time to make gifts

But there we are: Tucked into the madness of Black Friday, queuing, diving in fast fashion… Without thinking, many times, that the important thing is not the object itself. The most emotional thing is the love with which we have planned it. The time we have thought about that person, what he likes, something that reminds us of a special moment lived together … This is what it is all about! Let’s not forget it.

Not all gifts must have an important economic value. It only takes a little more time to think and prepare, but it will be worth it.

Handmade gift
Gift craft
Handmade gift
Recycled gift
Handmade gift

Experiences, a good present

Some socks of that animal that he likes so much, a cup with a phrase that has clearly reminded us of that person, a notebook for those projects that he has in mind and that he has confessed to us, some paintings to let go of the artist inside , tickets for a concert of the group that he likes so much, for your favorite monologue, for the theater, a ticket to that dream place, tickets for that experience that he has never lived, an invitation to the restaurant that he has never tried… We know the person well. Therefore, it will not be difficult for us to find the meaning of the gift we make.

Theatre tickets
Travel tickets
Concert tickets

Handmade presents

If we are a little handyman or artists, we will succeed by giving him something handmade by ourselves, drawing a portrait, weaving a scarf, making a bracelet, sewing a bag, making any craft to decorate the house… Even a frame with photos of us is a beautiful memory.

Deco gift
Small gift

Snow gift

Packaging with love

The moment of packaging is the most important. Let’s always try to add a personal note of our handwriting (yes yes, pencil and paper!! They are still marketed!!)

The best way to show that person how much we care is to maximize the presentation. We can use pots and boxes that we have at home, wrap it with recycled newspaper, adding some detail like an aromatic plant…

Kids gift
Recycled gifts


Kids gift
Flowers gift
Recycled gift

With the pictures we can be inspired with all kinds of wrappers and gift packs to surprise this Christmas to those who matter most to us.




Gemma Gonzalez Events Team


*All the pictures are inspo*

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