Handmade Candles in 5 Steps

If you are thinking of having a gift with your loved ones and you start to look around to find the ideal gift, why not make some handmade candles in these simple steps?

Advent wreath candle
Christmas candle

In the last post about Slow Wedding we recommended you the handmade candle as a detail for guests.

Today we want to explain how we can make candles at home with recycled containers, such as yogurt glass cups, glass jars, muffin cups, pots, tin cans, nutshells, beach shells…

Mold muffins candles
Mold muffins candles
Crystal glasses candles
Candle cup
Candle cup
Lemon and orange candles
Shell candle
Coconut candle
Coconut candle

Materials needed to make handmade candles

Before we begin, we should prepare a good newspaper base in case we drop a little.

We will need the following materials (available, for example, on Amazon):

  • Paraffin wax or organic soy wax
  • Wick with base
  • Colored dyes for wax
  • Oil with fragrances for wax (if we want to aromatize them)
Candles Making Materials

Steps to make candles

The steps to follow are those:

  1. Melt the wax in a pot in the water bath until it is liquid (Be careful, it burns!)
  2. Pour the liquid wax into a heat-resistant container (for example, glass). Add a few drops of dye, beat well and add aromatic essences.
  3. Put the waxed wick on the mold or glass cup (a good trick is to hold it straight with a pencil or tweezers).
    Plants Candles, tweezers holding.
  4. Pour the wax into the container.
    Lavander candle
  5. Let cool a couple of hours and it will be ready!!! You can even unmold them, if you have prepared them in molds.
    Glass cup candle
    Coffee candle
    Coffee candle
    Cinnamon candle
    Cinnamon candle

You can leave the white wax or get infinite colors by mixing the dyes.

If you combine the aromas you can get new, a very autumnal fragrance would be: Orange, cinnamon and vanilla.

From this base, we can make the candles more elaborate, adding other details before they cool, such as dried flowers, twigs, glitter, etc.

Walnut candles
Gift candle
Petals candles

Wrapping the candles

As with any other gift, content is as important as the continent! So do not forget to wrap the candles in vegetable paper, with raffia ribbon, decorating with holly branches or making our own labels… The more we customize for those who will open it, with more affection they will receive it.

Christmas carols candle
Christmas carols candle
Candle logs
Pineapple candles
Spike candles
Gift candles
City candles
Pear candles

If you make your candles do not hesitate to show us the result!


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