Advantages of Organizing a Corporate Event

This week we have found relevant information about the events sector:

Did you know that Spain is the third country that organizes more congresses in the world?

Barcelona is the 4th city in the world that holds more congresses, 163 in a year!

Thanks to the competitiveness of Spanish destinations and the quality of its infrastructure and services, 297,000 attendees are received per year, just behind the US. (Source: ICCA 2019 Ranking)

The organization of events has a great importance in the Spanish economy, since it involves different sectors and it is estimated that it moves about 7,000 million euros, 0.66% of the national GDP.


In an increasingly virtual and emotional environment, direct contact with people is an added value when it comes to enhancing the image of our company. Networking enriches all parties involved.

New product presentation, corporate event
Business Lunch
Coffee break

When we accept a new business event project, we take into account, above all, two premises:

a) The purpose of the act. Why it is important to organize that event for the brand? We will not focus on the presentation of a new product in the same way as an event aimed at attracting customers, focusing on the ideal customer.

b) To which audience is it aimed? It is essential to succeed with the target of guests: The choice of the target audience in each case requires a thorough analysis.

Corporate Workshop

Business aperitif
Corporate lunch
Employee event

From here and depending on the budget allocated, we will design the plan that most helps us achieve the proposed objectives.

On the other hand, for several decades now, entrepreneurs have become aware of the importance of internal motivation to obtain the maximum talent performance from each of their team members.

This is why outdoor activity has been extended as a playful moment that encourages motivation and a sense of belonging: From sports days to room escape, from participatory show cooking to musical performances…

Corporate outdoor break
Gala dinner
Company Workshop

It is important to delegate this type of activities to professional teams that dedicate their time to designing each concrete action as a “tailored suit”, putting all the focus on achieving the objective that the brand seeks.

Christmas is just around the corner, it is a time to enjoy and celebrate the work teams together, disconnecting from stress and connecting with colleagues, at a gala dinner with Christmas atmosphere or with activities such as Christmas craft workshops.

Christmas dinner

In Gemma Gonzalez Events we are committed to Boutique Events, personalized events for the client company from beginning to end, with the experience in the sector and protocol, taking advantage of the multiple benefits offered by the city of Barcelona.

Corporate celebration

If you are thinking about organizing a corporate event and you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask us.


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