The “Mise en place” most appropriate

Very relevant dates are approaching and surely many of you will be hosts with the greatest enthusiasm.

If you are going to receive many guests, the first thing you will have to think about is how to place them on the table.
On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we try as possible to sit the guests. If it is New Year’s Eve, it may be more practical to organize a buffet dinner.

If we sit the guests at the table, we must take into account the available space. For each guest we have to calculate a space of at least 50-60 cm. It is not worth to put the plates together, because then the chairs will not fit.

Depending on the style we want to give and the table we have, we can consider placing individual or a whole tablecloth.

I use place mats a lot, but not at Christmas. I think it is the time of the year when we like to wear the best clothes and therefore, we must rescue that tablecloth of thread that we never use. What we have to do now is: Wash it and iron it, also the napkins, and not wait until the last week.

Under the tablecloth, you should always put a blanket. It will absorb shock and will be more comfortable.

If we use “dishes of respect” we must remember that we cannot remove them from the table and not leave them empty. That is, there always has to be a flat plate on top. If we serve, for example, a consommé in a bowl, there must be a flat plate between the bowl and the low plate.

In the image you can see the placement of the utensils, a picture is worth a thousand words:

And as for the decoration, you know that it depends on the taste of each one, on the style that we have at home etc. There is no norm, other than the fundamental one: “less is more”. Generally, a touch with candles and discrete floral arrangements is the most elegant.




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