What is a Team Building?

Why have companies incorporated the activity of TEAM BUILDING as an essential event?

We restructure work teams. We incorporate new people. We observe some internal communication failure that we fail to detect… There are many reasons that, for two decades, have led large international companies to raise the Team Building as usual practice. But what is it exactly?

The literal translation gives us a clue. The purpose is to promote internal communication. And to achieve this, the best is to abandon daily activity and focus for a few hours on getting a new challenge, totally different and in an unknown space. In short, get out of the famous “comfort zone”.

The TEAM BUILDING is an event that involves facing a working group, in a totally playful way, to a new challenge.

This will allow people to interact, valuing creativity, teamwork or time management, for example, far from the usual scope. The difference with other incentive activities is that, in this case, it is fully participatory.

If we stop to think, it is possible that every day we coincide in the elevator with people who work with us and with whom we have not had occasion to collaborate. What would happen if we had to face a challenge together? We would be able to understand each other, would our strengths be enhanced? Would we discover that our competitiveness does not allow us to accept each other’s abilities? There are many features that can be valued.

For me, one of the keys is to face the participants to a new challenge, stimulating, but that allows them to have fun without feeling uncomfortable. In this sense, there are activities that require a physical condition that not everyone has. This is why it is very important to design each TEAM BUILDING according to the objectives we want to achieve, depending on the time available, depending on the budget and, above all, depending on the profile of the participants.

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