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Thinking of getting married in spring 2021? We give you ideas and we tell you the advantages of a spring wedding. Previously we saw what it is like to get married in autumn and winter, this season can not be less!


When spring comes

Spring arrives and with it the days lengthen, fill with light, temperatures rise but without reaching the summer heat. Plants bloom and fill fields and gardens with colors and smells, nature is at its best.


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A range of opportunities opens up when you can celebrate the ceremony and banquet outdoors, and with it the dance and live music that will liven up the party. But a few drops may fall, so it will be necessary to have a plan B, therefore, it is recommended to have a double space alternative.


Spring flowers

Spring allows you to create a very romantic and very colorful decoration; garden full of natural flowers, flower pots at the entrances and centerpieces … If there are almond or cherry trees they will be in bloom and draw

a beautiful landscape.


Spring Wedding 4Spring Wedding 5

It is more sustainable to use seasonal flowers:

Hyacinths can’t smell better! And tulips are very elegant. Both have a wide variety of shades. Lisianthus are also very pretty spring flowers.


Spring Wedding 6 Spring Wedding 7


One option is to focus on a color range to acclimate the entire wedding decoration with that tone, combining the invitations and the details that you want.

If the ceremony is in the church you can decorate the benches with bouquets of wild flowers, our favorite for the occasion is the paniculata.

If you celebrate a civil ceremony, both outdoors and indoors, you can create an intimate atmosphere by decorating the hallway with petals, and you can also put candles in jars to give it warmth.


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The decoration of a spring wedding

Celebrating the wedding outdoors opens the doors to a boho chill out area. We love the idea! On our Pinterest, you can enjoy an entire board dedicated to chill outs. You only need puffs, rugs and cushions with ethnic fabrics around a table, a more ecological option is to use pallets.

Spring Wedding 14Spring Wedding 15 Spring Wedding 16


Another idea is to give a vintage touch to the garden by decorating a corner with an old bicycle with flowers or watering cans and garden elements adapted to vintage aesthetics, antique furniture, boxes of various sizes with an aged appearance, benches in different colors or even wooden swings. and ropes.

Spring Wedding 17 Spring Wedding 18 Spring Wedding 19


If you install a tent outside, decorate it with flowers to give it that spring-like atmosphere! Do not forget garlands of bulbs or glass lamps that both are now carried at nightfall give a magical touch. Still feel photogenic trend neon letters with personalized words.

Spring Wedding 20 Spring Wedding 21 Spring Wedding 22

Spring Wedding 23 Spring Wedding 24 Spring Wedding 25

Spring Banquet and Catering

Dress up the cheerful tables full of decorative elements adding color; flowers in piles and candle holders are the most popular. They can also be decorated with lemons and oranges, which are seasonal fruits and eucalyptus leaves. This time allows tables without tablecloths to be used, long wooden tables are a trend.


Spring Wedding 26Spring Wedding 27Spring Wedding 28


For catering it is better to use seasonal produce to ensure the best quality. From first you can start taking cold creams.

Spring Wedding 29 Spring Wedding 30 Spring Wedding 31


Let’s take out the refreshing drinks with ice, like lemonade or ice tea. Sorbets and cocktails like margaritas, daikiris, or pina coladas will help apply the festive spirit of spring.

Spring Wedding 32 Spring Wedding 33


The spring cake will be fruit flavored to make it fresh and lighter. The famous natural-looking naked cakes, decorated with country products such as fruits and flowers.


Spring Wedding 34   Spring Wedding 35Spring Wedding 36


The invitations

For spring invitations, we like watercolors with light backgrounds, as they inspire nature, both leaves and flowers will be the best ornament. You can design the invitations with the same floral motif as the bouquet and decoration. We will follow the same design line in the rest of the stationery as in the seating. Among the 2020 trends are replacing paper with acrylic material or the most sustainable option, using recycled paper and lastly, a very elegant touch, using sealing stamps to seal envelopes.

Spring Wedding 37Spring Wedding 38Spring Wedding 39

Spring Wedding 40 Spring Wedding 41Spring Wedding 42

Spring Wedding 43  Spring Wedding 44Spring Wedding 45

Car for the entry of the bride and groom

Retro cars like the MGA are the nova more. They can be decorated with the flowers used for all decoration. And also the temperature will allow the car to be uncapped.


Spring Wedding 46 Spring Wedding 47 Spring Wedding 48

The most spring bride

This is what you have to take into account when choosing the wedding dress if you get married in the spring:

In spring it is already hotter, it is time to opt for lighter and more vaporous fabrics but not overloaded, such as gauze. They wear dresses full of romanticism and modernity in equal parts.

For the hairstyle, the bride can wear the loose hair adorned with a natural flower crown or an updo like braids.

This year 2020 are a trend: the flared sleeve or the thin straps, the satin or pleated skirt, the open back…


Spring Wedding 49 Spring Wedding 50 Spring Wedding 51Spring Wedding 52  Spring Wedding 53Spring Wedding 54


For the bridal bouquet, take advantage and make your bouquet with seasonal flowers, either colorful or pastel.


Spring Wedding 55 Spring Wedding 56 Spring Wedding 57

Spring 2020 wedding guest dress

In the spring season, colors come to life and we experience everything more. If you are invited to a wedding, this spring you bet on bright colors, winning yellow and green. The coral color will continue to wear this year, as well as the ruffles.

In spring we can already show off lighter fabrics, chiffon fabrics, for example, are ideal and more if they are printed with flowers!

Jumpsuits are still trending too, so if your pants are more comfortable, don’t hesitate! Jacket suits will also remain Top.

Puff sleeves melting into a dress will create the ideal guest look.

The asymmetric or deep necklines are stomping, therefore, we must take into account the type of ceremony to be officiated, if it is a religious link, it is recommended that you include a shawl or jacket in the look.

For the length of the dress, this spring the knee length will take a lot.


Spring Wedding 58 Spring Wedding 59 Spring Wedding 60

Guest accessories


Spring Wedding 61Spring Wedding 62Spring Wedding 63

To complete the guest look, if the wedding you attend is daytime you have many more options: Turbans, headbands, flower crowns, hats and headdresses.

When choosing shoes, in spring we have much more freedom to use open sandals.

As you can see, spring gives way to a multitude of new alternatives to celebrate your wedding during this season.

If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding and fill it with details like the ones we have seen, do not hesitate to contact us!


Gemma Gonzalez Events team

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