When organizing an event, whatever its nature, many factors must be controlled at the same time. For this reason, the person or team dedicated to this type of work must have extensive knowledge and training in different fields. His skills should not only be professional but also personal since he works with many people in very different situations. Today we review all the skills of professionals in event organization.

An event can be a real challenge. It can undergo all kinds of changes or setbacks both in its design phase and in its own development. And, even if there are none, achieving quality and excellence standards involves carrying out impeccable work, at least. At Gemma González Events we believe that the most important thing is to trust a trained and flexible work team.


Everything expected of an event organizer


Knowing how to transform a fuzzy idea into a reality requires imagination and adaptation to the customer’s tastes. Contribute new ideas, create spaces, look for ingenious solutions to specific problems … all this is the specialty of people with creativity. It is about making your event different from the rest, with a point of originality never seen that brings added value.


Crisis management

There are contingencies beyond our control. There can always be something that forces us to modify the event as we had planned. These possible setbacks are a good example of the importance of having a professional person in this sector. You have to know how to react quickly, calmly, know how to work under pressure and stress and provide solutions, even improvising without losing your nerves. In events a Plan B is always valued because the show must continue.


Time organization and panoramic vision

Timing is key in the development of any event and responds to precise planning. An event planner must always have control over what happens at any given moment, where and who is involved in the action. In social events, such as weddings, many milestones are usually scheduled throughout the day and the delay of an action can generate a domino effect, so control over the times is something that we cannot lose sight of.


Close and friendly treatment

We deal with our clients, with various suppliers, with other team members … This forces us to be firm but close, to listen and understand all situations. To lead a project, the essential thing is to build trust in all the people involved in it. Respectful interpersonal relationships guarantee smooth work.


Passion for the work

Although we left it last, it is perhaps the most important requirement. Passion is what moves us to create with the necessary motivation to push us to achieve challenges and to want to overcome ourselves. An event organizer must put himself in the shoes of his client and add to his enthusiasm for the event to go perfectly.


If you are looking for someone who meets all the skills of professionals in event organization, contact us. Put your event in the best hands.

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