Events, the perfect networking opportunity

One of the objectives of the events, especially the corporate ones, is the possibility of weaving networks and synergies between the guests. The relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of community fosters a suitable environment for meeting people. Today we see what is the ideal way to approach other professionals at events, the perfect opportunity to network.

Although personal events are also ideal circumstances for making new contacts, it is not the main objective pursued. However, in symposiums, presentations, presentations and conferences, networking is common. Furthermore, some events incorporate joint work tables to enhance communication between the different professionals in a specific sector or small breaks in which to share the development of the day.


The keys to networking

Leaving an event with an expanded portfolio of contacts depends, in large part, on our attitude. We cannot forget that, although we are out of the office and the atmosphere is more relaxed, corporate events are part of our work. And attending such an event requires carrying “homework done.”

First of all, it is essential to know well what type of event we are attending and assess whether it will be useful for our growth at the job level. It is important to search for the other people with whom we will share space. Locating their companies, studying what their positions are and knowing their careers will give you security when you start a conversation.

When introducing yourself to another professional, keep in mind that improvisation can be a tool to show your naturalness but it can also be a trap. The most recommended is to prepare a small presentation pitch, both for yourself and for the project you are working on. It is not about looking artificial or cold, just being confident and prepared. Kindness, respect and listening will do the rest.

It is also very interesting that you participate in the proposed debates, that you ask questions and, in general, that you maintain an active attitude and sincere interest.

Remember to update your LinkedIn profile, which is really useful to connect with the people with whom you have had a first approach at the event. As you already know, LinkedIn is the most important professional network today, a perfect complement to traditional business cards.

Working your professional network is the key to opening new business opportunities. If you need advice to organize your own corporate event, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Now that you know more about the events, the perfect opportunity to network, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you organize your corporate event.

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