Destination Wedding in Barcelona

Do you have a favorite place in the world? A destination where you met, you engaged or that has a special meaning for you? Do you feel like giving you the “yes, I do” in that dream place? Then you want to celebrate a destination wedding

What is a destination wedding?

It consists of celebrating your wedding in a special destination away from home, either 100 or 1,000 km from home, a new concept that is very fashionable. For those who have a traveling spirit and dream of a different and memorable wedding.


Points to consider before deciding for a Destination Wedding:

-Although it is not essential it is important that you know the place, since we need you to define what you want to do and see if it meets your expectations. Like knowing its culture, climate and customs.

-The list of guests will be reduced, since the displacement implies a greater commitment. But it can be a good opportunity to celebrate a more intimate wedding with the closest people.

– It will not be enough with the celebration, taking into account that the guests will have moved you will like to also organize a pre-wedding party the day before or a barbecue the day after. Lengthening the celebration also allows you to enjoy it more and spend more time with the guests.

– The minimum time required for a wedding of this type and for guests to plan and find cheap flights is from 6 to 9 months.

-We recommend using local suppliers as much as possible, to avoid travel costs.

– We recommend that you look for a place that is part of you and represents you in some way and that there is a common thread that gives coherence to the entire wedding.

-It is a very good idea to have elements that refer to the place of origin of the couple to link it to their personality.


But… How to organize your wedding away from home or abroad without going crazy?

You will need to ensure a good organization. It helps a lot to have professional help that manages everything. Find the perfect place, the best suppliers, the accommodation for the bride and groom, the coordination of the celebration or the entire stay, the personalized and creative decoration, the procedures and the necessary documentation… We take care of all this!!

Why marry in Barcelona?

Because Barcelona is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For its high-level gastronomic offer, made with local products. Its unrivaled architectural, cultural and artistic offer. Because Barcelona is connected internationally.

Its people are friendly and open. Its climate is warm throughout the year, for its more than five kilometers of beach… Not to mention the historical heritage of the catalan city: medieval streets, Gothic Quarter, modernist buildings, the heritage of the Roman city and modern architecture. That fusion of antiquity and current affairs, its emblematic spaces…

It is a cosmopolitan city; Dynamic, innovative, modern, avant-garde, urban, romantic, multicultural and sustainable. Full of entertainment and leisure.

Barcelona and its surroundings have all kinds of spaces: Urban, exceptional farmhouses, medieval castles, churches and ancient palaces, monasteries, emblematic museums, greenhouses, industrial spaces, factories, rustic farms, bucolic vineyards or spaces next to the sea.

We are from Barcelona, ​​and having the local help will greatly facilitate the organization of the wedding and you will have endless tips: We know infinite spaces throughout Catalonia and local suppliers. But we also have a traveling spirit. Therefore, if you want to take us anywhere in the world…

We’re leaving! To the adventure !!

Gemma Gonzalez Events team


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