Black Friday, how to act responsibly?

As the report The State of Fashion 2020 emphasizes, the fashion industry continues to be one of the most polluting in the world since it entails excessive damage to the environment due to the use of toxic chemicals and, of course, a large harmful accumulation of waste in landfills.

Still, more and more sustainable trends are redefining the industry: transition to more sustainable materials, incorporation of circular designs, impact measurement and increased partnerships for sustainability (Gucci x Jane Fonda or Reformation x New Balance). But what can we do, especially on marked days as Black Friday?

Join the upcycling movement!

Why don’t you take those clothes that you no longer wear to give them a second life? Customization, redesign, repairment, are options that we propose for this creative as well as sustainable exercise. Get inspired by this video from Dare to DIY.

Rationalize your purchase

Buy only if you need. You can facilitate these decisions by using a list to avoid impulses.

Invest in local commerce

Especially in this difficult year, choose to buy in local shops to contribute to the economic recovery of our small and medium-sized companies.

Discover little vintage treasures

Vintage fashion is here to stay. Choose their unique and iconic pieces and differentiate your style.

Get informed

Any responsible action involves a prior exercise of reflection. Before buying, find out about the social and environmental impact of the garment. Has it been produced in an ethical way? Is the company working towards the integration of more sustainable practices?

It is time to rethink our small individual actions if we want to generate systemic change. As Prince Charles stated in an interview for Vogue, “we need to understand that everything on this planet is interconnected; you can’t do one thing without having an impact elsewhere ”. Do you want to join?


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