Famous weddings that bet on sustainability

The integration of sustainability in weddings is already a reality. More and more couples take into account the social and environmental impact in their weddings by doing them in a more conscious way. We review some of these most famous weddings.

Actress Amy Smart brought sustainability into her wedding by choosing local vendors and reducing waste to just half a bag of garbage per 220 guests. She did this by promoting recycling and composting leftover food, as well as raising awareness among guests on the importance of sustainability.

Likewise, the influencer Venetia La Manna integrated different sustainable proposals into her wedding. To be highlighted is her choice of second-hand wedding dress, the local and seasonal catering, the donation of flowers after the event, and waste composting. The most original touch was turning the leftover wine into homemade sauces! A wonderful idea that we signed up for.

The royals have also integrated some sustainable actions into their weddings. Princess Beatrice decided to incorporate upcycling into her wedding, reusing a queen’s dress as her wedding dress. This made the event even more emotional. Her sister, Princess Eugenie, aligned her wedding with sustainability by eliminating plastic and replacing it with more environmentally friendly materials. In fact, she explained to Vogue magazine that from the very first moment she was very clear about the importance of incorporating her values on such a marked day. Values ​​that have also reached Buckingham Palace, where plastic bottles have already been banned and actions have been implemented to reduce the use of this material.

All of these weddings inspire us in our mission to introduce more impactful events. Do you want to know more? Contact us without compromise.

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