We have no choice but to be home. This pandemic has fallen on us all and we are only wishing that they find a remedy as soon as possible and that it stop affecting so many people.

Meanwhile, we are seeing the ingenuity of people in the networks, proposing a thousand and one plans to entertain ourselves and above all, distract our minds from the news that is coming. We have to look for times of evasion, so as not to go crazy. We can also spend this time doing other time-consuming things, such as movie marathons.


películas boda ca


To us, of course! we like weddings. That is why we have made a selection of our favorites to spend a more romantic quarantine and we explain why.


Our wedding movies selection


1. ¡Mamma Mia!, 2008



Our favorite, Mamma mia! It is a well-known musical film that only transmits good vibes. Who doesn’t feel like dancing to their songs? Let’s travel to a Greek island in the middle of summer to help Sophie discover who her father is, so she can attend her wedding!




2. Four weddings and a funeral, 1994



t is a classic. Even if you see her twenty times, you never stop laughing. Without a doubt, one of the best romantic comedies of the 90s, with an exceptional soundtrack.

Charles and Carrie meet at a wedding and they coincide in others, since all their friends begin to marry, until at a wedding, Carrie introduces her fiancé

In this movie we see up to four different wedding dresses. The most striking, Carrie’s. Who will she marry?




3. The wedding planner, 2001



Romantic comedy that served to introduce the figure of the wedding planner. The main character (J Lo) is a prestigious wedding planner from San Francisco, busy making other people’s dreams come true, with no time for love until one day she passes out and a doctor comes to help her, whom she falls in love with. For those coincidences of life, he begins to organize the doctor’s wedding with a very influential woman.

In this movie we will see several wedding dresses… Who will they be for?




4. Son of the bride, 2001



Movie of the author, with Ricardo Darín and Héctor Alterio. An essential film for lovers of good cinema. What is it about?:

Rafael is divorced, sees his daughter very little, has no friends and has not visited his mother, who has Alzheimer’s, for a long time. He rethinks his life and decides to fulfill his mother’s dream: to marry in church. It will thrill you!




5. My best friend’s wedding, 1997



It became one of the great cinematographic phenomena of the year. The protagonist is a kitchen critic who discovers that she is in love with her best friend when he gives her the news that he is engaged, so she will try to prevent him from getting married at all costs. Who will he stay with? Love, laughter and music.




6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002



Funny comedy that tells the story of a thirty-year-old Greek family falls in love with a boy who is not of his origin, so it will be difficult for his family to accept him.

Laughing, we will see how traditions influence marriage and how love triumphs above all else!

How will she do it?



7. Monsoon wedding, 2001



The preparations for an elegant wedding in New Delhi reflect the conflicts between generations of partisans of following traditions and other defenders of modernity. Many secrets of the bride’s environment will be revealed, navigating different aspects of love, crossing class, continent and moral issues.

Comedy, melodrama and musical. Will something be fixed when the rain finally comes?



8. Love Actually, 2003 



Fantastic movie of crossed love stories, that we will all have seen more than once and that shows us that, wherever you look, wherever you move, love is the force that moves everything and the main engine of people’s lives.

The film presents stories of all kinds, it shows us that this feeling moves the world in all its shapes and sizes.

The wedding takes place at the beginning of the film but it will turn 180º, can you imagine what will happen?




We know there are many more, but with this selection of wedding movies we can spend a few fun hours remembering and getting excited as if it were the first time.



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