2020 trends in the event sector

The world of events, like most innovation-based sectors, is very changing. The year 2020 has brought news and consolidated trends that began to emerge a few months ago. Part of the success of an event lies in surprising and inspiring attendees. And the best way to do this is to thoroughly investigate the 2020 trends in the events sector.

Undoubtedly, the specialists in the sector have a series of keys that we consider essential and are part of our Know-how, today we want to explain some of these trends by 2020 in the events sector.

Personalization and sustainability as 2020 trends in the event sector

In general terms, the demands of the users coincide with the pulse of society. That is, the most personalized, sustainable and experiential events related to wellness and interactive are valued. Based on our trajectory and knowledge of the sector, at Gemma González Events we give you the keys to a current and trending event.

Segmentation and identity

The rise of boutique events, personalized and capable of responding to the specific needs of the client, continues. They are aimed at smaller segments of the public. The experiences must respond to the wishes of the attendees and reflect their personality.

Wellbeing and sustainability

Society is increasingly demanding with its health and that of its environment. That requires us as event organizers to design and produce sustainable and responsible projects. Taking care of yourself has become a priority aspect and, as a consequence, wellness events are increasingly accepted. The main idea on which they are based is in establishing a connection with ourselves, with those we have around us and with nature.

Gamification and emotions

The game has always been a resource to communicate in a fun and enjoyable way. What has changed are the formats, which have evolved to become more complex and sophisticated. The introduction of elements such as logic, creativity and competitiveness provides more complete experiences that directly appeal to the emotions of the guests. An escape room, as an example of a format of rabid news, is an effective way to encourage interaction between attendees and, above all, to remain in your memory.

Content Generation

There is nothing better than an event to generate brandend content for a company or memories for an individual. Today there are all kinds of tools to be able to extend any event in time through the generation and dissemination of audiovisual material and the action of social networks. It is also an indisputable meter (or KPI) to know the success of our event. It is part of what we call event marketing, to which we will devote our attention to future posts.


If you are thinking of applying all these 2020 trends in your next events, contact us without obligation and we will put at your disposal all our ideas and experience.

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