At Gemma González Events we go one step further and design sustainable weddings, endowing every detail with environmental responsibility and social awareness. We believe that such an important celebration should reflect the philosophy and lifestyle of the couple, who decide to build a future together and, at the same time, a better future for all.


We work hand in hand with you to create a unique, unforgettable and tailor-made celebration and we do so by taking into account sustainability criteria, with proximity products, solidarity actions, a commitment to the environment and the measurement of the environmental impact generated. All this without putting at risk the quality and exclusivity of a boutique service, adapted to your needs and expectations, with a close treatment and putting all the care and professionalism in each decision.



The client obtains detailed information about the impact that has been generated in the wedding (we measure the impact with metrics such as reduction of CO2 emissions regarding transport or the percentage of waste separated for recycling, among others), what allows us to ensure that it was a responsible event.


We plan and organize weddings with added value, a philosophy that respects the environment and the integration of ethical and responsible work in all our actions.


We work with the best local suppliers for the provision of seasonal products, organic food, sustainable packaging and furniture that is perfectly integrated into the environment, meeting the highest quality standards.

Respectful with the environment

We look for places of celebration that are respectful with nature and we incorporate the beauty of nature into the event, without altering it, creating a magical and unique environment.


We promote social actions during the celebration, we donate the leftover food from the catering to soup kitchens and we propose details for the guests in the form of donations to charities.

Exclusivity and customization

Our years of experience guarantee us in holding turnkey events, in which the client and their wishes are the true protagonists.


We promote the labor insertion of people with special abilities and offer support and work to the local community, thus generating a positive social impact.

Environmental awareness

We inform our brides and grooms that an average wedding produces 180 kilograms of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is equivalent to the emissions that 4 to 5 people would produce in a year (source: Greenbrideguide), and propose alternative decisions to minimize this impact.

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